Currency and Exchange


     The most common type of transaction is bartered exchange. While various coins do exist, from those of the Nerath Empire to the regional varieties minted today, the difficulties with rates of exchange make large transaction unwieldy. For the most part, goods and services are valued at the local currency by official moneylenders or appraisers. After a value for both parties is established, the transaction can be settled after paying an established tax.
     Exchange of coin is handled in a similar manner: the value (usually of the metal coin weight) is established and after paying an applicable tax, can be exchanged for local coins. Many merchants and service providers do business to some degree with travelers in local coin, and some coins minted in larger towns or cities with a recognized strong economy are also accepted.

Coins of the Nentir Vale
Silver and Copper
     Common people deal more widely in the silver piece and the copper piece. Ten copper pieces equal one silver, and ten silver pieces is worth a gold piece.

Copper coins
  • Harkenwold Elm
  • Fallcrest Sun
  • Winterhaven Hawk
  • Nenlast Salmon
  • Hammerfast Tong
Silver coins
  • Harkenwold Oak
  • Fallcrest Tower
  • Winterhaven Wheat
  • Hammerfast Forge
Gold and Platinum
     Fewer communities produce their own gold coins. Most are found in ancient treasure vaults or come from foreign lands. Rarer still are platinum coins, each worth ten gold pieces.

Gold coins
  • Fallcrest Shield
  • Hammerfast Anvil
  • Naerumar Scale (trading currency used by the tiefling mercantile league)
Coins from ancient empires
    • Nerath Griffon
    • Arkhosian Talon
    • Bael Turathi Wand
    • Nerath Sword
    • Arkhosian Fang
    • Bael Turathi Tome

Currency and Exchange

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